The Pretasol story began with a passion for renewable energy, and preserving the world’s resources remains something we’re about. Today we specialise in bespoke solar thermal systems for domestic hot water, swimming pools and underfloor heating. Using the sun’s energy to heat your water is clean, environmentally friendly and offers huge cost savings.

Pretasol Energy, has supplied and installed a variety of renewable energy systems throughout the Andalucia region of Spain, and in the UK in England and Northern Ireland. In Spain, the business is a registered and accredited member of PROSOL, the governing body for renewable energy initiatives within Spain. In the UK, Pretasol works in partnership with an MCS registered company (MCS is the UK government accreditation for photovoltaic installation companies).

To date we have installed over 1,000m2 of solar thermal systems across residential and commercial properties, and 60kWp of photovoltaic systems in residential properties. The majority of these installations have fallen within the grant and incentive system for both the UK and Spain giving us first hand experience and a thorough understanding of both the positive and negative elements of these processes.

  • With Spain’s abundant sunshine it makes great sense to get your hot water free from the sun
  • With a Pretasol solar hot water system you can enjoy big savings on your energy use and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions
  • With a solar water heating system you can reduce your hot water bill by as much as 85%
  • We offer the best equipment fully certified by the European Union and the Andalucian Energy Agency at the most competitive prices anywhere

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Solcrafte Style

We supply Solcrafte solar water heating equipment which is made in Austria to very high specification.
Solcrafte® Style is more efficient than traditional thermosyphon systems. It has half the size and weight of traditional systems, but is especially economic and cost saving. Solcrafte equipment has been designed from the ground up to provide modern, effective and efficient solar water heating solutions.
Solcrafte is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kioto Group, a substantial Austrian company delivering worldwide solar solutions.

Solar Domestic Hot Water

Solar thermal systems take energy from the sun and convert it to useful heat to provide hot water.


All Pretasol solar thermal systems consist of three main components:

  • Solar Collectors – fitted to a roof or other structure, solar collectors absorb the sun’s heat and transfer it to the fluid in the solar circuit popes that flow through them
  • Solar Circuit – driven and controlled by a pump and a pump controller, the solar circuit transports the hot fluid from the collectors to the hot water cylinder
  • Hot Water Cylinder – hot fluid in the solar circuit enters the hot water cylinder through a heat exchange coil and the heat is transferred to the domestic hot water supply

What can it be used for?
Solar thermal systems are widely used to provide domestic hot water in houses and commercial properties. They can also be used to provide hot water for larger scale application such as swimming pools. In a domestic installation a solar thermal system is typically sized to provide 100% of a household’s hot water during the summer months and give an average annual contribution of around 85%.

Which solar thermal system is right for you?
There are a wide variety of solar thermal systems available, with variations in all three main components. Drawing on our experience and using carefully selected products, Pretasol will always specify a high quality system tailored to meet your specific requirements.


There are two main types of solar collector technology: Flat Plate and Evacuated Tube.


Pretasol offers both types of solar collector and will recommend the most appropriate model based on factors such as:

  • System type – domestic systems have different characteristics to swimming pools
  • Desired aesthetics – flat plate collectors can be neatly integrated into a roof
  • Local site conditions – factors such as size and condition of available roof space, can influence collector choice
  • Ease of installation
  • New build or retrofit – roof integrated collectors are easier to fit on new-build properties
  • Integration with solar PV systems – some flat plate panels can be integrated with solar PV panels
  • Budget – Pretasol offers standard and premium collector ranges

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Solar Assisted UFH (Underfloor Heating)

Solar panels are not only suitable for DHW heating, but also as a backup for space heating, in particular underfloor heating. The solar system can support the heating system by feeding in pre-heated water, considerably reducing gas, or oil consumption.

A solar assisted underfloor heating system can work in several ways, but in general each system will work as follows: A electronic solar controller constantly compares the temperature of the solar collectors with the temperature of the water in the bottom of the solar cylinder. Whenever the solar collectors are hotter (usually by 6º C) than water in the cylinder, the solar controller switches on the solar systems circulating pump and circulates the water through the solar cylinders heat exchanger. The water in the solar cylinder is then diverted to the underfloor heating system by the use of a valve that monitors the temperature of the return water to the boiler. If the temperature of the return water is cooler than the temperature of the water in the solar thermal store, the valve will divert the solar heated water to the space heating system, assisting the boiler.


With a solar assisted UFH system you will need a large store of water, typically 1,000 litres, or larger and at least 15m2 of collector area. The collectors will normally be mounted at a steeper inclination angle to take advantage of the lower sun in winter months.

Swimming Pool Heating

Using the sun’s energy to heat your pool is clean, environmentally friendly and free of costly electricity bills. Of all the options available to heat your pool, solar energy offers the best value, compared to any other method. In fact, solar pool heating is so effective that it is the largest use of solar energy in the world accounting for over 60% of all solar product sales.

The new, highly effective, solar collectors, the size of which would be approximately 30% of the surface area of the pool, can be installed in the most sympathetic area, either roof mounted, on a wall, or in the pool area. The panels are connected through a sealed circuit to a specially designed chlorine resistant pool heat exchanger. We can also offer heat exchangers that can work with salt-water pools.

Solar heated pools increase the value of your home, increase the use of your pool, and, if you are renting your property, it increases the rental potential. Our systems make it simple and very cost effective. Maintenance of solar pool heating systems is minimal. The systems are pre-engineered and can be sized for any pool by simply adding additional solar panels to obtain an adequate solar collector area.

PretaSol is dedicated to installing systems which are recognised to be the best in the World.

Pool heating costs

Depleting fossil fuel energy reserves suggest that electricity prices in the future can only go one way. The use of solar energy is free which means zero running costs. Alternative pool heating systems, such as heat pumps, are expensive to install and expensive to run, and for exterior pools they are against the law in Spain. A properly sized solar pool heating system will comfortably add five months onto your swimming season, extending swimming pool use from March through to November.

Environmentally friendly

Fossil fuels and other natural resources are quickly diminishing. The major environmental benefits of using solar energy are the conservation of fossil fuels, the reduction of pollutants and the reduction of waste.

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Protect yourself from future increases in electricity tariffs, by installing a solar system. Pay less for electricity today and your savings can grow over time as utility rates continue to increase. Grid connected systems in Spain should be calculated by understanding the consumption profile of a home or business, to avoid production surpluses for which there is no feed-in tariff.


What is a photovoltaic ‘autconsumo’ system?
When we talk about autoconsumo we are referring to a photovoltaic installation which is connected to the grid, which is used where it is generated.
The energy generated by the photovoltaic installation will pass through a meter and be deducted from your electricity bill.

Legal Requirements

Autoconsumo systems are exactly the same as what was previously called “solar roof”, “photovoltaic roof”, “solar farm”, etc., but with no feed-in tariff now available, the benefit is that the system is cheaper than grid power when calculated over the life of the system.

Besides administrative procedures to legalise the installation, a qualified professional should be responsible and accountable so that it meets the technical and safety rules applicable. Pretasol is able to carry out a photovoltaic installation that meets all the technical and safety obligations.

Administrative Requirements

As stated in the Royal Decree 1699/2011, of November 18, “by regulating the network connection to facilitate the electricity production of small power” autoconsumo installations in the form of net balance, will adhere to the following administrative procedures:

  • Application access permission to the electric company (connection point)
  • Registration of the facility in the Special Regime, subsection “Special Regime Register without monetary remuneration”
  • Management through representatives in the electricity market (access tolls as a generator)

Although it is possible to handle, the “Expedited Procedure” will require a technical report, filings, etc., and finally, the certificate issued by an authorised installer.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements of these facilities have not changed and the most important requirements are as follows:

  • The inverter should have galvanic isolation
  • There should be a system of isolating the circuits
  • Based on nominal power 5kW installation, it must be done in phase
  • You must add a counter for the energy to be injected into the grid, or change the existing one-way meter


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Solar FAQ

In order to ensure proper efficiency of your water heating system, a solar energy system must be used in conjunction with a traditional gas or electric heating system, rather than as an alternative to a traditional system.

Pretasol solar systems will operate and produce hot water during the winter months but may require anti-freeze protection where applicable.

Yes, they will be able to provide heating during cloudy, or overcast days, but may require the use of traditional gas or electric heating system to produce required temperatures.

Solar collectors can usually be used with an existing system by utilizing a simple solar conversion valve that connects to your existing water tank.

The evacuated tubes are very strong and not easily broken, but can be replaced very easily should one break due to extreme conditions.

Depending on factors including geographic location of the system, insolation levels (amount of solar radiation) in that area and annual usage of the system, an average household of 4 people can expect to recover the cost of a solar system within 4 to 6 years.

Solar systems have a life expectancy of greater than 20 years with a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 10 years depending on the make.

Maintenance of the system is negligible; however, an annual assessment of the solar system is recommended to help to maintain efficiency levels and to help avoid potential long term problems with the system.

All units are normally sold as a complete system with all components included to install and operate the system. If you require separate components we can sell them, please click here to fill out our enquiry form.

A fully installed Pretasol solar thermal system, which can provide enough hot water for a family of four, costs approximately €4,000.

You can purchase a system by filling out our contact form, or by calling us direct on 952 801 959. You can also contact us by using our dealer locator service.