The brief was to target energy efficiency, without any loss in lighting quality, or intensity. It was a balance between reducing the energy required while still maintaining the required light levels.
The main existing lighting was 26 Halogen AR111 bulbs consuming 75 watts per lamp. There were also 12 Halogen GU10 bulbs consuming 50 watts each. To replace the Halogen AR111 bulbs, Pretasol specified an LED AR111 consuming 9 watts, to give a saving of 1,716 watts of consumption. To replace the Halogen GU10 bulbs, we specified an LED GU10 consuming 6 watts, to give a saving of 528 watts. This gave a total saving of 2,244 watts of electricity consumption without any loss in functional lighting. We also added some RGB strip to add mood accents to selected areas of the salon.

Pretasol work undertaken:

  • Product specification
  • Supply
  • Technical support during installation

Product types:

  • Feature lighting
  • Indirect lighting
  • Control