500 Litre Solar Thermal Marbella

Garden installation of a split-pressurised solar hot water system in the Marbella Hill Club

This installation was a real pleasure from start to finish. The owner met us at our warehouse in Estepona to first learn a little bit about how the solar hot water systems work. He then invited us to conduct a site survey where it was ascertained that the best solution was to install the three panels required in the garden and then run the pipes under the swimming pool area to the plant room where the 500 litre tank would be installed.

It was little tricky  getting the tank into place as the only way through was narrow gap between another tank and pillar while carrying the tank. Quite tricky when the tank in question weighs 160 kilos. Once it was through and in place our experienced  installation team created a very neat and tidy installation. You can see the solar tank in the picture on the left, feeding preheated water into a boiler which boosts the water temperature if required.

The installation of the solar system was accompanied by a change to an old leaking circulation pump and in total took three days from start to finish.

Pretasol work undertaken:

  • Product specification
  • Supply
  • Technical support during installation

Product types:

  • Solar Flat Panel
  • 500 l. Single Coil Tank

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