300 Litre Solar Thermal Benahavis

Wall-mounted split-pressurised solar hot water system in a villa in Benahavis

Every year this installation will save the owners of this lovely villa in Benahavis up to 35% of their water heating bills. The other essential factor is that their energy costs will be fixed for the lifetime of the system which considering the 10% increases in electricity prices we’ve seen over the past three years here in Spain is no small thing. If that rate of increase continues then the savings they, and all our other solar customers will enjoy doubles in just seven years. There is nothing like fixing your energy costs now. We also managed to secure a government grant of 30% off the total installation cost, although these grants have decreased now to a maximum of 20%.

The two panels were wall mounted to capture the maximum sunlight, while being mostly hidden from view. The pipework and insulation are not in the picture above as it was taken during the installation process. The whole installation took only three days from start to finish.

Pretasol work undertaken:

  • Product specification
  • Supply
  • Technical support during installation


Product types:

  • Solar Flat Panel
  • 300 l. Single Coil Tank

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