Zero Carbon Home

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zero carbon home

When most people are asked about climate change and what is causing it they can easily point to the obvious sources of carbon emissions such as cars and airplanes. Electric cars are beginning to gain some attention, in particular the new disruptive carmakers such as Tesla in the move away from fossil fuel consumption. Another area that has big part to play in reducing carbon emissions is buildings and what most people want to know is how can they reduce their homes’ carbon emissions to zero.

Stair lighting design pretasol

A staircase is always a focal point and is almost always accompanied by beautiful accent lighting meant to highlight its sculptural design. This is a subject we’ve approached before, but with so many wonderful ideas to choose from, we had to show you a few more. Here are a 10 examples of stairway lighting for modern and contemporary interiors.



stmoritz church lighitng design 6

St. Moritz Church,  in Augsburg, Germany, dates back to 1019. During it’s millennial existence the church has endured through centuries of warfare, devastating fires, bombs and liturgical practice. At the end of the second world war, German architect Dominikus Böhm oversaw its rebuilding.

The team of London-based designer John Pawson and London-based lighting design firm Mindseye Lighting have sought to bring clarity and light to the building’s interiors while being mindful of it’s history and the work of the previous architects.

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Shimmering LED Facade

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 by

With a glittering exterior that benefits both the interior and the exterior, UNStudio’s renovation proposal for Hanwha headquarters has recently won them first place in a competition to redesign the company’s office tower. Located in Seoul, South Korea, the tower is sited in the busy Cheonggyecheon district of the city. The new design will help to visually reestablish Hanwha as a leader in environmental technology, both in Korea and internationally.

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